Saturday, July 08, 2006

Here's the windup and the hitch

There will be a wedding following Saturday's Brooklyn Cyclones game. The staff isn't sure whether this is one of the best promotions or one of the most ridiculous.

Neither Dave Kerpen or bride-to-be Caroline Fisher have any real affiliation with the Cyclones. To pay for their wedding, they got sponsors. A local bank, for example, paid for the rental of the stadium.

They are giving away bobbleheads of themselves to fans who attend the game. A nice gift or egomaniacal? They're bringing their own ideas, such as a sponsored bridal bouquet toss, for between inning promotions. Wedding cost saver or a lot of extra work?

And they are really asking for trouble by inviting a bunch of New Yorkers they don't know to the wedding but not to the reception.

It seems more like a radio station publicity stunt than a joyous occasion. Awesome or ridiculous, the wackiness of the idea will make it part of minor league lore.

Anyone want to bet the memory of the event outlasts the marriage?

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