Thursday, March 22, 2007

Rock down to Edison Avenue

The Dugout has been quiet. That doesn't mean it hasn't been busy.

We've hit four minor league spring training camps in the last two days. Internet issues on the road have kept us from updating the blog until now.

The Red Sox have an interesting set-up for their camp. The minor league camp is located two miles down Edison Ave. from their major league camp/ballpark. The players seemed to split on how much they like the situation.

The younger guys would like the big league players to train in the same complex, while the older minor leaguers are glad to be away from the media circus that follows the Red Sox nation. Look for a full blown feature about the Sox minor league camp on in the coming weeks.

The Sox held a camp day on Monday, which featured a bunch of intra-organizational scrimmages. The highlight was watching Hall-of-Famer Carl Yastrzemski (above, signing an autograph) pull aside some of the younger hitters to give them pointers. He kept preaching “soft hands.”

Left Fort Myers and found a new way to get to Orlando. Took Route 17, which is mostly a rural road through orange groves, churches, cow pastures and the occasional goat farm. It was quicker than the normal I-75 to I-4 route and much more enjoyable.

Hit the Cleveland and Detroit camps today. Does any uniform look cleaner the Detroit Tigers? Too bad most fans don't get to see the minor leaguers. The folks in Lakeland don't have the best setup for viewing the minor league games. Some are completely hidden from fans, and access to players is more restricted than any other complex in Florida. The Dugout managed to talk to a few players. Those interviews will be posted on the site or in this blog periodically during the season.

Atlanta and Houston camps are scheduled for tomorrow. Some basketball; then a beer at the Matador in downtown Orlando on are tap for tonight.

Most minor league seasons open in two weeks. The countdown is on.

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