Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Winter meetings start dealing

Baseball’s Winter Meetings are in full swing – so to speak.

The Dugout is currently position just to the right of ESPN’s broadcast position. The media pool is in a frenzy chasing the big trade. For those who haven’t heard, several media outlets are reporting that the Florida Marlins have traded both Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis to Detroit for centerfielder Cameron Maybin, pitcher Andrew Miller, and catcher Mike Rabelo.

Maybin was the Tigers’ first-round selection in 2005. Miller was their No. 1 pick the following year.

The Marlins will also receive three other minor league pitchers. Eulogio De La Cruz is reportedly one of them. The Detroit Free Press is reporting Burke Badenhop and Dallas Trahern are also part of the deal.

This just in: Harold Reynolds just walked. He’s now working for MLB TV. He picked up a copy of The Funniest Thing I’ve Ever Seen: More than 100 crazy stories from minor league baseball. Can’t hurt to have him carrying it around.

In another player movement note, the Yankees just signed catcher Jose Molina to a two-year deal. The move is significant to Dugout fans because to make room for him, the Yankees removed Andy Phillips from their 40-man roster.

Phillips told one of the stories featured in the book Reynolds is about to read.

The Dugout spent most of the afternoon canvassing the convention center floor. The next great promotional item has been identified. You will never clap the same way again. Look for the story to be posted either later tonight or early tomorrow.

There will also be features about the latest in popcorn accessories, an interesting way for fans to giveaway their unused tickets, and perhaps a little something about an online academy that trains students for careers in sports management and marketing.

Will leave you with this guy on the right - if i can get the picture posted. For some resaon the site is exceptionally slow. His human horn show was one of the highlights of last night’s convention opening – for about 30 seconds. He clearly had too much time on his hands for a long portion of his life. Pray a ballpark near you doesn’t find this guy attractive.

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