Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It didn't take the SCL long to fold

A little more than a month ago The Dugout lamented the independent South Coast League’s Macon Muzak decision to cancel their planned promo to mock disgraced New York governor Eliot Spitzer.

The league said it was bowing to public outcry. The Dugout argued that, because of the SCL’s financial problems, the decision likely didn’t matter. The blog concluded:

Sadly, Macon probably could let the June 13th date stand. With the money issues
the four-team SCL appears to be having, would anyone be surprised if the entire
league went out of business before then?

Those who bet the under on June 13th are winners. Late last month the SCL announced it was suspending operations. In its press release the league left the option open to restart next season.

But anyone who’s followed the league probably realizes it was never headed toward success. The Dugout is sad to see the SCL suspend play because it puts baseball players out of jobs. Hopefully the fans in Macon, Ga., Aiken, S.C. and Anderson, S.C., will have someone to root for in the near future.

For those who bought season tickets for a SCL club, follow this link to get your refund. The release that announced the suspension follows:

South Coast League Suspends Operations
March 29, 2008 - (Macon, GA) The South Coast League of Professional Baseball announced today that on April 1st, the league will be suspending business operations and postpone the 2008 season indefinitely. The league made its Inaugural Season debut in 2007 to six markets located in South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

Most recent plans called for the replacement of one team by a new addition to the league out of Jackson, Mississippi. Recent developments within the company as well as lengthy discussions with the entire ownership group led to the decision that was handed down to league officials and the markets currently home to the league’s teams.

Like many businesses caught in the economic downturn, the South Coast League has not been able to close on a sufficient amount of debt and equity financing to ensure a successful 2008 season. The league owners have indicated that they will continue to plan for a possible restart in 2009, possibly under new ownership. The South Coast League wants to thank the many fans, sponsors, and local leaders who made the 2007 season possible.

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Kevin Walsh said...

Just wanted to say I appreciate your insight into both the independent leagues and the MiLB. Keep it up!