Sunday, May 06, 2007

A few more Travis Hake outtakes

Travis Hake said a couple of interesting things that didn't make the preview of the Atlantic League. Here are some of those responses.

The Dugout: Are you hoping to get picked up by a major league organization?

Hake: I just play to play. If I get picked up, I get picked up. There are guys who want to get picked up, and that's what this league is about. I think leagues ought to be more than just that. You've got to have players in the league like me. You've got to have guys that just care about the game and want to play. You can have all the guys in the world that just want to get picked back up, but what does that say for the fans? What are you telling the fans? We don't care if you like this player or not. We hope he gets out of here as soon as possible. I'd rather just go and give the fans a good game and make it fan friendly.

The Dugout: Do most players in the Atlantic League expect to be picked up by a major league organization?

Hake: There are a lot like me that still have the dream of getting to the big leagues. After you played affiliated ball for a few years and you're not quick to get to the big leagues, you almost have to put it in perspective that you are probably not going to get to the big leagues. Even the guys in here who get back out of this league, most of the time they just go to be a fill in.

The Dugout: What’s it like playing in front of the kids who pay you for lessons?

Hake: If you have a bad game then you always think, they must think I suck. I’m trying to teach these kids and what I teach them I don't even do some of the time.

Former Lancaster manager Tommy Herr on Hake's chances of returning to affiliated ball:

He's at an age now where it would be a reach for him to get another chance. Normally those types of guys don't get another chance unless they have Triple A or big league experience.

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