Friday, May 11, 2007

QuackerJack's bobbling tail and the start of some independent leagues

First things first. Those of you visiting the blog looking for a picture of the Promotion of the Day, it's on the right. The Atlantic League's Long Island Ducks are giving away a bobble-tail doll. It depicts their mascot, QuackerJack, sliding head first into a base.

These bobble dolls are getting more inventive all the time. The Dugout especially likes the tush-waving duck. Long Island fans should be snapping this one up. Only 1,500 are available.

The independent Atlantic League is entering its second weekend of the season. A couple other independent leagues began play this week. Perhaps the most widespread league in the country, the American Association, began play on May 10th. The league features teams from Minnesota, Texas, Florida and many points in between. For shear distance, it rivals the Pacific Coast League, which features teams are far east as Tennessee.

The AA boasts two teams owned by Bill Veeck's Goldklang Group, which pretty much tells any baseball fan that there is some fun going on. St. Paul is so ahead of the promotional game that they run some wild stuff during their preseason exhibition games. But that is another blog.

The United League also threw its first pitch this week. Based primarily in Texas, the United League’s season runs through Sept. 1. The six-team league features some interesting nicknames and logos, but The Dugout is particularly fond of the Amarillo Dillas.

Look for the start of several other independent baseball league's seasons in the coming weeks, along with a few more affiliated leagues following the amateur draft the first weekend in June.

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