Saturday, April 15, 2006

Borders demotes himself

When I first saw the Vero Beach Dodgers roster, I figured Pat Borders was likely the son of the former major leaguer. Wrong. It was the 1992 World Series MVP, himself.

Borders was offered a spot with the Dodgers’ Triple-A squad in Las Vegas, but asked to be sent to Single-A Vero because it was close to his home in Lake Wales, Fl. The Dodgers obliged, no doubt excited to have Borders work with the younger catchers in their org.

Despite being twice the age of most of his teammates, Borders is starting to fit in. He’s not sure that’s a good thing. During our interview ( ), Borders was anxiously checking the clubhouse door to make sure his teammates weren’t planning some shenanigans for the interview.

He smiled when asked about kangaroo court, figuring it will be the first chance for his younger teammates to skewer him. Borders should worry. One player told me after the game that there is something brewing, but refused to give any details.

Whatever happens, Borders will take it with a smile. And I suspect whoever pulls the first prank will eventually have to deal with the man who is starting his 24th season in professional baseball. I bet he knows a comeback or two.


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That is very interesting that he is playing in Florida. I will have to go out to see him.