Monday, April 17, 2006

Let's Play 33

I can't even fathom it, really. I mean, 33 innings? Come on.

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the start of the longest game ever, a 3-2 Pawtucket victory over Rochester in 33 innings ( ). Wow.

Think about all the ridiculous things about that game. Rochester center fielder Dallas Williams went 0-for-13. That's a three-day slump wrapped up in one game. Not to be out done, the Paw Sox Russ Laribee struck out in eight of his 11 at-bats, possibly inspiring a new promotion: two-for-one golden sombrero night.

Jim Umbarger pitched 10 innings of scoreless relief for Rochester, yet didn't factor in the decision. Losing pitcher Steve Grilli was not a member of the Red Wings when the game started.

Can you imagine working the hot dog stand for that one? How long did they serve beer? How pissed was everybody (players and fans) with Wade Boggs' game tying hit in the bottom of the 21st?

Finally, ask yourself this: How long would you have stayed? And how drunk would you have been?

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