Saturday, April 28, 2007

Drafting May Promos of the Day

Sure, The Dugout followed today's NFL draft. It was the perfect accompaniment to the day's task of tracking down the May promotions.

There are some pretty interesting ones coming up. The Dugout isn't going to give anything away, but the West Virginia Power suddenly appears ready to make a strong run at the Promotional Organization of the Year award. (We need a better name for this. Any suggestions?)

May brings a few more leagues into the Promotion of the Day derby. Most of the independent leagues start in May, beginning with the Atlantic League. The highlight from a promotional standpoint is the first pitch of the American Association in the middle of the month. St. Paul and Sioux Falls, teams owned by Mike Veeck, begin the season with some promotions that will bring a chuckle.

June is when the short season leagues come on line, along with the remainder of the independent leagues. July is the first full month featuring every league in action.

After spending eight hours tracking down the May promos, The Dugout isn't exactly looking forward to the extra time spent in those months. But that's just the writing of tired eyes. Finding those bizarre promos from the obscure leagues is what really makes this Site fun.

Speaking of fun, The Dugout has a big day tomorrow. Former Notre Dame wide receiver Jeff Samardzija is pitching for Daytona. It’s pretty cool that he’ll be pitching on a day that he’ll likely be drafted. Look for a big story on tomorrow evening.

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