Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Windy day drives up ticket prices in Lancaster

Apparently Lancaster's "Tumbleweed Tuesday" promotion caused a bit of confusion. When the JetHawks held the promotion last year fans received a 10 cent discount for each mile per hour of wind measured at 4 p.m. on game day. This year, Lancaster has switched it around. Fans pay 10 cents for each mile per hour of wind. It's a pretty important distinction.

The wind today was clocked at 25 mph. Under last year's rules, a ticket would have cost $4.50. Today, the same ticket goes for $2.50. Fans get a better deal this season, and for that, The Dugout salutes Lancaster.

By the way, a spokesman said it's been exceptionally windy in Lancaster this season. The $2.50 price may end up being the highest for the year. Pretty good deal if you live in the area.

No small problem: What do you do when your midget wrestler is stranded in a Minnesota airport? That’s that problem faced by the Charleston Riverdogs. Charleston is planning to offer midget wrestling following tonight's game, but at 2:30 this afternoon one of the competitors had trouble catching a flight. He finally caught a plane and as of 5 p.m. the wrestling was on as scheduled. The Dugout is still unsure what the little guy was doing in the Land of 1,000 Snowdrifts.

Aqua Buhner: Former Seattle Mariners outfielder Jay Buhner is part of a group that will purchase the Everett AquaSox, the Mariners short season affiliate in the Northwest League. Buhner also serves as a commentator on Mariners’ broadcasts.

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