Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Stop me if you've heard this one before...

A priest and a beer vendor are trapped in a ballpark...

Minor League clubs aren't limiting their bobbleheads to baseball players anymore. In less than a week, two different teams have truly expanded the rules as to who can appear on a bobblehead.

Chattanooga hosted a Mystery Bobblehead Night on April 20th. The Lookouts did a pretty good job of keeping the bobblehead’s identity a secret. All that they would say was that they were sure it was a one of a kind giveaway.

Fans who arrived at the game recognized the face of Richard the Beerman on their new toy (photo, top right). Richard has been hawking swill at the ballpark in Chattanooga for more than 20 years.

Word is the bobblehead is a pretty good likeness. The Dugout, however, is taken back by the size of the beers Richard is selling. It looks more like he's carrying kegs instead of pints. If that's the case, it’s no wonder he's so popular.

Corpus Christi traded beer for wine, choosing to put the local bishop on their bobblehead (photo, bottom right). The Hooks say Bishop Carmody is so popular in South Texas that he could be a rock star.

That may be true, but what are the non-Catholics supposed to do with the doll? And there’s also that whole worshipping false idols thing in bible. Forget it. It’s baseball. Let it slide.

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Edward said...

Regarding your comment on the Carmody bobblehead: No well-taught Catholic *worships* a statue, with or without bobbling head.