Sunday, August 19, 2007

Creating the "Ultimate Bobblehead Doll"

Some of the greatest promotional ideas never make it to the ballpark.

The Dugout was bouncing some weird ideas with some promotions people, media relations guys and radio broadcasters in the Florida State League. The best idea, and one which will surely never make it to a ballpark, was the 2007 Ultimate Bobblehead.

The way the group figured it, the ultimate bobblehead would have three figures on it. The first would be Long Island’s Jose Offerman menacingly wielding a bat at the second figure – a man wearing a Mike Vick jersey and restraining a dog. Watching the scene from the side is a man wearing an NBA referee’s uniform, taking bets as to the winner of the throwdown.

The arm and bat in the Offerman portion of the bobblehead would bobble, as would the head of the dog being restrained by the Vick figure. Either the head or the arm of the referee that is writing down the bets would also bobble.

Hey, it never hurts to dream.

The real Bob L. Head: Speaking of bobbleheads, congrats again to Portland for one of the best conceived and executed promotions of the year. At the beginning of the season Portland scanned the country to find the ultimate person named Bob L. Head. The promotion ended Saturday with the handing out of the dolls. Portland flew Bob L. Head from his Iowa home to Oregon to take part in the event. Nice job, guys.

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