Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Klein must ban bat-wielding Offerman immediately

You see some strange things in the independent leagues of minor league baseball. Last night something frightening happened. Former major league all-star and current Long Island shortstop Jose Offerman charged the mound wielding his bat after getting hit by a Matt Beech pitch in the second inning of Tuesday's game in Bridgeport.

Offerman reportedly swung the bat wildly at Beech, striking Bridgeport catcher John Nathans in the back of the head. Nathans left the park on a stretcher after suffering a possible concussion. Offerman eventually hit Beech in the hand with the bat, breaking a finger.

The game was delayed 20 minutes because of the melee. Offerman was ejected, then arrested by Bridgeport police. He posted a $10,000 bond and was released.

Bridgeport officials immediately called Atlantic League commissioner Joe Klein, asking that Offerman be suspended for life. Klein didn’t go that far, issuing the following statement on the League’s web site today:

The Atlantic League announced that LI infielder Jose Offerman has been indefinitely suspended based on his actions during the 8/14/2007 Long Island @ Bridgeport game.

His violation of the Atlantic League on field behavioral policy is under review and a decision on his status and that of other participants will be announced by weeks end.

It's a start, but come on Klein. The Dugout believes you have to ban Offerman permanently from the league, and quickly. This isn’t affiliated baseball where union agreements force league officials to follow a series of protocols. You have the power. Use it.

Offerman charged the mound because he thought Beech threw at him intentionally. He might be right. It doesn’t matter. As soon as Offerman took the bat to the mound and started swinging, he committed a crime. Moreover, he broke baseball’s code of conduct.

No one seems to be denying that fact. Let justice be swift. End his career. Already 38 years old, no team will pick him up after this incident. Then you can sit back and enjoy what the Bridgeport justice system does to him.

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that baseball get over it play ball let him play