Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bobble-foot kicks kazoo effort; Pedro up next

Give St. Paul credit. When someone messes up in their neck of the glacier, the Saints will mock them.

St. Paul earned Sunday's Promotion of the Day honors on the main MinorLeagueDugout.com site for their bobble-foot giveaway, which "honored" Larry Craig. The Idaho senator was arrested last summer for tapping his foot in a Minneapolis/St Paul airport bathroom stall in a manner commonly used to invite “companionship.”

The Saints chose Sunday for the giveaway because it was National Tap Dancing Day. Brilliant.

The bobble-foot (photo) gained national media attention, but there were outlets that refused to cover the story. The Palm Beach Post, for instance, declined to included the note in its ‘Only in the Minors” section because it was a little too risqué.

The Post did, however, cover Craig’s arrest when it happened. Which one is more risqué?

Up the Kazoo: The day before the bobble-foot giveaway, two separate clubs attempted to break the world record for simultaneous kazooing. Bowie and Connecticut both failed. The Baysox came up about 150 kazooers short of the more than 2,800 participants needed, despite an announced crowd of 6,105. A Bowie official said more fans likely participated, but only fans that registered count toward the total. The registration process likely kept the Baysox from breaking the record.

Connecticut was more perplexing. The Defenders’ front office boasted it had purchased 6,000 kazoos for the promotion. Inclement weather likely contributed to the small crowd – less than 3,000 on a Saturday night. The Defenders, however, didn’t even get 1,000 participants to play along.

The Dugout credits both clubs for the effort. The kazoo record is that seems destined to be broken. Connecticut still has more than enough kazoos to give it another shot real soon.

St. Lucie duel: The Dugout will spend Wednesday night in Port St. Lucie where the Mets, fueled by a Pedro Martinez rehab assignment will host Vero Beach. The Devil Rays will counter with 2007 No. 1 overall pick David Price. Not a bad way to spend an evening.

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