Saturday, May 31, 2008

NASA provides fireworks down south; Altoona puts off what it can

Brevard County will get a free fireworks show of sorts before tonight’s game. Daytona will augment the pre-game show with a post-game offering of its own.

The space shuttle will be visible from both ballparks when it lifts off this evening. Though the 5 p.m. scheduled blastoff isn’t the ideal viewing time, it’s still pretty cool to be that close. Fans at Space Coast Stadium are close enough to hear the booster engines roar.

If there is any sort of delay, which is pretty common, the launch could be pushed back into the twilight hours or even night – firing the amazing into the spectacular.

It’s worth a look.

They may or may not get to it: Altoona actually took the time to issue a press release on Wednesday declaring that their Salute to Procrastination Night has been moved to an unknown date in the future.

A quick check of the Altoona calendar didn’t show that the night was ever formally scheduled. The Dugout is not sure the Curve will ever actually hold a procrastination night, which makes the issuance of the release that much funnier. Someone actually went to the trouble of writing a release for something that won’t happen.

Gotta love minor league baseball.

Here is the release in full:

*This press release was started on April 28, but not completed until May 28 due to the procrastination of the author.

Club's Ode to Those Who Put Off Until a Later Date Being Put Off Until Later Date

ALTOONA- The Altoona Curve, Minor League Baseball's champions of fun, light-hearted ballpark theme nights announced this spring that it was planning a "Salute to Procrastination Night" at Blair County Ballpark, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates' Double-A club.

Today, the team is announcing that the promotion is still planned for sometime before September 1st, but that meetings to discuss the details of the event have been repeatedly put off until a later date.

"We've admittedly hit the snooze button several times when it comes to planning the details of our Salute to Procrastination Night, but we'll get to it soon enough." said Curve General Manager Todd “Parney” Parnell. "When we finally sit down to sketch out this promotion you can bet it will be worth the wait."

The Curve's summer college interns, the club's resident experts in putting off projects until a later date, will be very involved in the planning process for the promotion, but the group has asked for more time to work on the details, thus illustrating a popular form of procrastination known as "Student Syndrome".

The club will continue to provide updates on the status of “Salute to Procrastination Night”, assuming continued attempts to meet about the promotion’s details take place.

One fun theme night which has been planned since the off-season and will be held next Tuesday, June 3rd at Blair County Ballpark is "Salute to Quitters Night". Among those in the crosshairs for this self-explanatory promotion will be famous quitters such as boxer Roberto “No Mas!” Duran, and coaches Bobby Knight and Bobby Petrino. In honor of Petrino, who abruptly quit his post as Atlanta Falcons' head coach with three games remaining in the 2007 NFL season, the Curve will also make one (1) lucky fan in attendance the winner of a “back door”, which the fan will be encouraged to utilize to leave the ballpark before the game becomes official.For tickets to any remaining 2008 Altoona Curve home game fans can call toll-free (877) 99-CURVE or order on-line at

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