Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Every day is Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo may translate into May 5, but for minor league baseball, the spirit of Cinco de Mayo runs all week. The Columbus Catfish held Dos de Mayo on Friday. Augusta hosts Ocho de Mayo on Thursday.

The Dugout particularly enjoyed Somerset's odd combo. The Patriots invited the Jewish Community to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Israel becoming a state. The official Israel Independence Day is May 8, but the Jewish Community decided the best date to celebrate was Monday.

So the ever-accommodating Patriots invited the Jewish Community to come celebrate Independence on May 5. Yep. It was a combo promo of Cinco de Mayo and Jewish pride. Insert Corona and Matzo joke here.

Fear this: The folks in Camden held a Fear Factor night on April 30. The Riversharks tested six competitors by having them walk on ice and marbles, eat a pig’s tongue and search through dog food for a key to unlock their handcuffs.

The winner got a suite for up to 25 people at an upcoming game.

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