Monday, June 09, 2008

Fort Myers links minor league baseball to gas

Gas prices have risen so high that they are now the standard by which minor league prices are measured.

Every Monday, Fort Myers sets the ticket price for that night's game by the cheapest price for a gallon of gas in the area. They are also linking the prices for beer, hamburgers and bratwursts and chicken sandwiches. Admission for tonight’s game cost $3.95.

In addition the Miracle will hold gallon giveaways, where between-inning contest winners will leave with a gallon of water, pork and beans, and broccoli (you can keep that one). Finally, some fan will win a free gas pass.

Look for more teams to work the high cost of gas into their summer promotions.

More fun with wieners: Sunday night’s Wienermania in San Angelo got the attention of at least one local television station. The Colts were kind enough to send a link to the story. Here it is:

The magic 20: Rome and Lexington of the South Atlantic League each won their 20th game of the season in recent days, leaving the Florida State League’s St. Lucie Mets as the only team stuck in the teens.

St. Lucie won its 16th game last night, assuring that it won’t post the fewest single-half wins since the FSL split its season into halves in 1988. The Mets have just seven games remaining to reach the 20-win mark.

Lehigh Valley, incidentally, started 2-20 but with a good week won’t finish with the worst record in the International League. There are a couple of teams the Iron Pigs could pass.

Nice race: The Dugout will keep an eye on the Texas League’s north division, where Arkansas, Northwest Arkansas and Springfield are in a three-way tie for the lead with nine games remaining.

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