Friday, June 06, 2008

Lincoln's results are in...

Diligent readers of the main site will recall that the American Association’s Lincoln Saltdogs claimed the Promotion of the Day for their Election Night.

The Saltdogs’ web site is quickly becoming an anticipated destination during The Dugout’s monthly scan for the top promos. They could claim another night or two during June, and they hinted at several other nights in coming months.

For now, though, we’ll revisit Election Night. The Saltdogs polled their fans on a variety of topics on Wednesday. If the results are accurate, ketchup could help Barack Obama carry Nebraska. Lincoln was kind enough to send all the results, so here they are:

Ketchup 60% Mustard 40%
Giveaways 84% Entertainers 16%
Hot Dogs 52% Hamburger 48%
Red Team Jersey 26% Blue Team Jersey 53% White Team Jersey 21%
Right Field Playground Area 61% Left Field Inflatable's 39%
Day Game 8% Night Game 92%

A couple other recent nights didn’t quite reach Promo of the Night status, but they are worthy of note. For starters, The Dugout likes Mobile’s thinking when they offered Cinco de June on, obviously, June 5. Carry it through the rest of the years, boys.

On Saturday, Lexington offered Abe Lincoln bobblehead dolls because, well, the former president was born in Kentucky.

Oddly enough, Saturday was national doughnut day. The Dugout didn’t find an organization taking advantage of that one.

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