Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Gwinnett strikes out with new logo

The Gwinnett Braves chose to disregard the trend for interesting, lively logos when the team unveiled its new look on Monday.

Sure, the designers were limited by the team’s choice to retain the Braves’ nickname, which is another debate altogether. Instead of following the highly successful lead of fellow International Leaguer’s the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, Gwinnett stayed traditional. The argument is that the new logo will increase Atlanta’s and Gwinnett’s brand recognition.

The Dugout isn’t buying it. Anyone whose ever spent any time in the south knows that Atlanta is the only baseball team recognized by southerners. Heck, it’s really the only southern professional team that boasts a widespread following. Gwinnett missed an opportunity.

Gwinnett followed Monday’s unveiling with Tuesday’s groundbreaking ceremony. Thankfully, work has already started on the ballpark slated to open in April of 2009. Perhaps they were waiting for good weather. Renditions of the new ballpark are posted on the Gwinnett web site.

The Triple-A Richmond Braves announced they were moving to Gwinnett earlier this year after repeated attempts to get a new ballpark in Richmond fell apart. Officials in Richmond are attempting to raise money for a new park with the idea of luring a new team to Virginia’s capital.

The Dugout will be sad to see Richmond’s old ballpark go. Though not as picturesque as most ballparks, it was the scene for the cover of The Funniest Thing I’ve Ever Seen; More than 100 crazy stories from minor league baseball.

Nice game but…: Congrats to Huntsville’s David Welch, who didn’t allow the Chattanooga Lookouts a hit on Monday – his 25th birthday. Headlines predictably proclaimed Welch’s performance a no-hitter. A brief inspection, however, showed the game was only a seven-innings. Welch gave a great performance for sure, but let’s reserve the “no hitter” adjectives for games that go at least nine innings.

Other nice promos: This time of year usually offers several candidates for Promotion of the Day. Lincoln’s Election Day is Wednesday’s winner. Other Wednesday notables are Grand Prarie’s All Hogs go to Heaven, which included a funeral giveaway, and Sioux Falls’ Salute to Crazy Horse. All three teams hail from the American Association.


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