Saturday, July 07, 2007

Colbert's a hit, even with the rain

Eight hours – that’s all it takes to go from Delray Beach, Fla. to Charleston, S.C. The toughest part of the drive was passing the Daytona Motor Speedway knowing that one race was in progress and another was coming.

Oh well, at least the traffic was light.

It's less than an hour before the start of Charleston’s South Atlantic League game against Savannah, which means Stephen Colbert should be about to make his appearance. The RiverDogs staff is bustling about and the fans are starting to file in.

It should be a packed house. Look for a big Colbert blowout story on in the coming days.

Update: A rain delay descended on Charleston in the bottom of the first inning. Colbert spent the delay in a suite above the press box. Several fans congregated below the box chanting for Colbert as the rain began to let up. He appeared on the balcony and started tossing ice cream to them.

iPig, The Photo: A few days back The Dugout congratulated St. Paul for its innovative iPig, a fully functional pig/telecommunications device designed to compete with the iPhone. The photo of the iPig is at the top right of this page. How freakin’ awesome is that!

Charleston, part dos: As if having a national television celebrity who happens to be a hometown hero on hand wasn’t enough, the RiverDogs also brought in about 20 little league teams to the park. It’s also Transformers Night. In addition, the outgoing president of the Sally League, John Henry Moss, is in attendance as part of his fair well tour. The RiverDogs are also giving away beach towels. Word is, they don’t have to be used to dry actual dogs.

Gamel keeps rolling: Brevard County’s Mat Gamel extended his hitting streak to 33 games last night in the Manatees’ 3-0 win over Jupiter. While a 33-game streak is certainly newsworthy, Gamel was outshined by teammate Steve Garrison, who flirted with a no-hitter. Garrison didn’t allow a hit until the sixth. He left the game after 7 2/3 innings, having allowed two hits and three walks, while striking out seven.

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DB Ferguson said...

Thanks for the live update. I was listening to the stream, and at about 9p EST, it just ... stopped. No news. They've finally mentioned something on the main Riverdogs page. I'm guessing that Stephen won't be doing anything in the rescheduled game, which is a bummer. I know of many other fans, other than just yourself, who drove a long way to attend the game because of Colbert's presence. Please keep updating us if you get a chance.