Friday, July 06, 2007

Stephen Colbert, America's leading pundit, honored in Charleston

It's like Christmas Eve for The Dugout. Tomorrow’s plans: wake up early, jump in the car and drive 10 hours to Charleston, S.C.

The folks in Charleston are masters of promotion, but Saturday's promo sells itself. South Carolina’s native son, The Colbert Report’s host Stephen Colbert, will be at the game throwing out the first pint and leading the crowd in Take Me out to the Ballgame (see Saturday's Promotion of the Day).

As anyone who has ever seen The Colbert Report knows, Colbert is lord-god of all things Americana. It is only right that he's gracing America’s pastime with his presence. Fans who can't make it to Charleston can still enjoy the fun. Colbert will spend an inning with RiverDogs broadcaster Josh Maurer. The Dugout will attempt to throw a microphone into that booth. Hopefully that audio will find its way to the main site.

What will Colbert say about minor league baseball? Hard to guess. Just when you think you've got Colbert's views down, he comes up with another way of looking at the world. Hopefully minor league baseball doesn’t find its way into the Threat Down. There are several “Bears” teams out there. Mobile, you may want to lay low.

With any luck, fans of The Dugout will be able to enjoy the first in our one part series “Better Know a TV Commentator” in the early part of the week.

That will be our word.

Tough choices: Pensacola took today’s Promo of the Day honor with its Salute to 150 years of toilet paper, but there were a couple of other teams deserving recognition.

Bowie is hosting Bad Breath Night, honoring halitosis with a bad breath-testing intern named Harrison who will be sitting in Harrison’s Halitosis Hut. Dubbed the Bad Breath Ref, Harrison will decide which offender receives a prize pack that includes mouthwash, toothpaste and gum.

Even those who begin the night without bad breath should have it by the final out. Concession stands will serve garlic jumbo dogs, garlic burgers, nachos with raw onions, and anchovy, onion and garlic pizza. Ever the thoughtful club, all fans will receive a breath mint as they leave the park.

Meanwhile, Binghamton hosted Ridiculous Night. They are planning to play a Culture Club concert DVD before the game to get their fans in thee mood for strangeness. Prizes for their on-field competitions include Barry Manilow records, hubcaps and “other things nobody wants.”

The Dugout salutes these two efforts, even if they didn’t achieve Promo of the Day status.

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