Thursday, July 12, 2007

Stephen Colbert - the missing Charleston quotes

OK – so this will be the final installment of the coverage of Stephen Colbert's appearance in Charleston, where he threw out the first pint before the RiverDogs' game against Savannah.

The main story is finally posted on the site. There were, however, some great quotes that didn’t fit the story but are worth seeing.

A television reporter asked Colbert if he ever considered doing any real reporting.
Colbert: My theory of reporting is that I take the real reporting and I just say it again and people assume that I’m making a joke.
Reporter: And why is that?
Colbert: Because the real reporting is such as joke.

On the contributions he made to developing AmeriCone Dream:
Colbert: I had no input, other than I put it in me.

On the 2009 presidential debates:
Colbert: Have you seen the debates? They’re riveting. I’m on the edge of my coma.

On why he wasn’t participating in the Global Warming concerts:
Colbert: We’re saving the world through the ice cream. We’re combating global warming with freezer cases.

Question: named your appearance here as the Promotion of the Day.
Colbert (excitedly): Oh, really?
Question: MinorLeagueDugout, great minor league baseball Web site or..,
Colbert: The greatest Web site – you got me to say it.

Jerry Greenfield on whether he was going to try to do something wacky during the game:
Greenfield: I think it’s hard to follow up Stephen Colbert throwing a pint of ice cream.

Greenfield on the Charleston RiverDogs promotional staff:
Greenfield: These guys must be on the cutting edge of wackiness.

The photo at the top of the page is Colbert signing autographs for fans after doing the radio interview. The Dugout promises no more Colbert info – that is until we get the video up on the site.

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