Monday, July 30, 2007

Minor league promos continue to mock Michael Vick

We're about to enter what is essentially the final month of wacky minor league baseball promotions and there are some pretty good ones on the way. There will be some tough decisions in the coming days.'s Promo of the Day battle for August 8 looks to be a toss-up between Lincoln and St. Paul. The Dugout doesn't want to give anything away, but some info on those nights is available on their site. If you are a Christmas Eve present opener, you can cheat by looking at their sites, now. Those Christmas Day present openers will choose to wait until the 8th.

Who knows, one of those two might not even be the winner. The Dugout has spent the last two days inspecting the Web sites of every minor league team, checking for the August (and September) promos. However, there are still a couple of leagues left to be examined (Golden, United and South Coast). This is by far the most time-consuming part of The Dugout’s month.

Before turning the page on July promos, there are a couple worth noting. Several teams have capitalized on Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick's alleged misdeeds, combining their Bark in the Park promos with some sort of animal awareness or animal rescue night. The above photos are from Sioux Falls' promo. The Canaries dressed their mascot in a Vick jersey and allowed the canines to chase it down.

Long Beach captured Sunday's Promo of the Day honor with their night, which allowed fans to turn in their Vick jerseys at the ballpark. The Armada originally planned to start a bonfire with the collected jerseys, but couldn’t get a permit. Instead they gave fans the option of turning their jerseys into pooper scoopers or a wee-wee pad – their words, not The Dugout’s.

The Armada actually had a pretty busy couple of days. They planned to use Monday as Barrow, Alaska day, but members of their adopted sister city were unable to make the trip. Kudos for trying that one, though. On Monday they are hosting Un-Olympics day, which may earn the Armada its second Promo of the Day honor in three days. You’ll have to check the site on Monday to know for sure.

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